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Alexander Ehrenreich was born in Vienna in 1973, as the son of jazz musician and big band legend Teddy Ehrenreich. Having had the great fortune to be exposed to live jazz in his younger years, he developed an early interest in Jazz and its related styles such as Jazz Rock, Funk, Blues, Soul, etc. even before he began teaching himself to play saxophone in the age of 14. During his studies at the University for Music and Performing Arts, Alexander produced his first recordings (all under the label of CITY-Park Records) so as to present and document his constant high standard, versatile musical interests with numerous famed side-men of the Austrian Jazz and Rock/Pop scene.  


Since 1996 he is the leader of his own Hard Bop quintet, playing at the most important jazzclubs all over Austria.

Since 2012 he also leads the Alexander Ehrenreich Big Band (before known as Teddy Ehrenreich Big Band),

which plays the original charts of Woody Herman and all the other great big bands from the golden swing era.

Alexander Ehrenreich, also teaches clarinet and saxophone for young and old.

2013 he produced and presented the radio broadcast of "Big Band Colours" at 98.3 Superfly.

credits jazz & pop/rock 


Big Band des Konservatoriums der Stadt Wien, Big Band der Musikhochschule Wien, 

Teddy Ehrenreich Big Band, Tony Jagitsch Orchester, Original Swing Time Big Band, 

Don Menza, Red Holloway, Andy Haderer, Joerg Seidel, Caroline de Rooij,

Richard Oesterreicher, Ines Reiger, Carole Alston,Joe Gallardo, Klemens Marktl, Rens Newland,

Tommy Boeroecz, Monika Ballwein, Domino Blue, Andy Baum, Wilfried, Hansi Lang,

Birgit Denk, Martin Prais & the one night band, TC Pfeiler and many others.




N.Y.C. Funkstation  © 1995 CIPA-3001-2

Into New Life  © 1999 CIPA-3009-2

L'image 2002 © 2002 CIPA-3014-2

Experiences © CIPA-3019-2

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