Alexander Ehrenreich Big Band

Alexander Ehrenreich, born 1973, founded after numerous years of experience the big band, which bears his own name. Having grown up with big band Jazz (thanks to his dad),he profited in his younger years from the opportunities to observe and play with professional musicians and from working with international guest soloists such as Harry “Sweets” Edison, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, Don Menza and many others.

The Alexander Ehrenreich Big Band is in spirit the successor to Teddy Ehrenreich (passed away in 2014), who throughout his life devoted himself to the great musical literature of Woody Herman and always endeavored to promote young and upcoming musicians.


Still today, these glorious arrangements are passionately played, from the swing era to the 70’s, a timeperiod in which Herman with his “herds” took Fusion and Jazz-Rock in Big Band formation to higher heights. The present concept of the Alexander Ehrenreich Big Band consists in nurturing the afore mentioned tradition, but also in the form of projects by inviting guest soloists and singers, who through their input will give many of the well- loved arrangements a so called “fresh coat of paint”. So it has already come to collaborations with WDR lead-trumpetplayer ANDY HADERER, Vienna Art Orchestra saxophoneplayer HERWIG GRADISCHNIG, the german singer JOERG SEIDEL, or latest with the latin tromboneplayer JOE GALLARDO. 

Apart from the sensational Woody Herman arrangements by Bill Stapleton, John Fedchok, Alan Broadbent, etc.,the top-class arranger PAUL PAWLUK  (docent for Jazz- theory and arrangement at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna) has taken over the actual function as arranger for the present Alexander Ehrenreich Big Band.

Alexander Ehrenreich Quintett

As the son of a big band legend, it was expectable, Alexander was introduced to Jazz in his very early years, especially to Big Band Jazz. At the age of 14, he began autodidact to learn saxophone and clarinet before he took up his formal studies at the age of twenty at the University for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where he studied Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy. During his education, he produced diverse recordings under his own name with the best musicians of the Austrian Jazz, Pop, Soul and Funk scene. His love of the classical jazz quintet line-up (tenor sax, trumpet, and an acoustic rhythm section) also developed in his younger years after being greatly influenced by his musical idols Hank Mobley, Johnny Griffin,

or Dexter Gordon. The Alexander Ehrenreich Quintet was already founded in 2008 and got its start in Joe Zawinul’s Birdland in Vienna.

Since then they have enjoyed various performances in the most renowned jazz clubs throughout Austria. In the present lineup with AXEL MAYER (Jazz Big Band Graz) trumpet and fluegelhorn; ROBERT SCHÖNHERR piano; PHILIPP ZARFL bass and the internationally renowned drummer KLEMENS MARKTL, Alexander has found his"partner in crime",with which he can realize his musical ideas, they are strongly oriented in the classic Bebop era like Art Blakey, Dexter Gordon, or Horace Silver. They play rare classics from this jazz epoch as well as original compositions by the individual band members.

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